Action Bar

The action bar is in the upper left-hand corner of the map view screen. There are three actions:
  • End turn
  • Clear actions
  • Last season's report


End Turn

  • To advance the simulation by one turn, click on End turn. Your game will advance by 6 months, the length of a growing season.
  • When you click End turn, all the family and village actions that you have selected are applied to the next growing season.
  • Once you click End turn, you cannot undo this action.

Clear Actions

  • If you would like to clear all your family and village actions, you can click on Clear actions.
  • Choosing to Clear actions will remove changes you have made regarding family labor and assets, family and village improvements, and village policy.
  • Clear actions resets values to reflect your decisions at the end of the previous turn. For example, if you have played the previous turn with a particular collection limit on fish, but then either remove the limit or change the number of fish each family is allowed to harvest, choosing to Clear actions before you end your turn will remove these changes and reset your fishing policy to your last turn.

Last season's report

  • After you click End turn, the simulation will display a report summarizing results from the season, including your family's harvest and financial assets and village demography.
  • You must close the report before you can continue to the next turn, but you may later review it by clicking on Last season's report.
  • Last season's report will show you your most recent report. To review earlier turns, use the history view.

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