Faculty Partners

Jeffrey D. Sachs
Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development
Professor of Health Policy and Management
Director of the Earth Institute

Gordon C. McCord
Assistant Professor
School of International Relations & Pacific Studies
University of California, San Diego

Faculty Project Development Team

Gordon C. McCord
Lily Parshall, PhD Candidate in Sustainable Development
Chandra Kiran Bangalore Krishnamurthy, PhD Candidate in Sustainable Development

Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning

Current Project Manager: Tucker Harding
Original Project Manager: Rob Garfield
Lead Programmers: Ethan Jucovy, Anders Pearson & Kathryn Hagan
Interface/Creative Lead: Elizabeth Day
Interface Developer: Zarina Mustapha
Quality Assurance: Brian O'Hagan
Original Technical Prototype: Rob Garfield
Research Assistants: Schlomo Bolts, Clement Feger, Azi Jamalian
Development Support: Jonah Bossewitch
Curriculum Director: Ryan Kelsey
Executive Directors: Frank Moretti and Maurice Matiz