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  • Family improvements can be purchased with money from your family fund.
  • You can choose to purchase a family improvement by replacing a 0 in the relevant box with a 1 or using the +/- buttons.
  • Your decisions are immediately reflected in the value of your family fund on the finance bar.
  • You can change your mind about whether to purchase a family improvement up until you click on End Turn.
  • You may wish to sell an improvement when it is no longer needed. For example, you could sell your improved wood stove if you are purchasing a propane stove.
  • You may also sell an improvement to increase the value of your family fund.
  • Note that only durable family improvements can be sold. Improvements such as fertilizer and high yield seeds are used during the season for which they are purchased, so they cannot be sold.

Bednets for malaria protection

  • A bednet may protect your family in the event of a malaria epidemic.
  • Each bednet covers 2 family members and lasts for 5 years.

Farming improvements

  • Fertilizer improves maize and cotton yields.
  • If you do not use fertilizer, soil health will eventually be affected.
  • High yield seeds improve maize yield. There are no high yield seeds for cotton.
  • Both fertilizer and high yield seeds much be purchased each season. Any surplus fertilizer and high yield seeds will not carry over into the next season.

Fishing improvements

  • You can improve your fishing yield with a boat and/or a dragnet.
  • These items improve your yield by reducing the amount of hours required to catch the same number of fish, given a particular level of fish stock.
  • Each of these items will increase your fishing yields individually, with a larger increase if they are used together.
  • Increasing the efficiency of fishing may adversely affect the rate of fishery depletion if you have not set a fish collection limit.

Cooking improvements

  • An improved wood stove reduces the amount of fuel wood you must collect to cook your food.
  • If you purchase a propane stove, you do not need to collect fuel wood. However, you must regularly purchase propane tanks.
  • The season report includes information on the amount of propane you have left. You can use this information to keep track of when you need to purchase a new tank.
  • If you own a propane stove but do not have enough propane fuel, you can collect or purchase fuelwood.
  • If you own a propane tank, but do not own a propane stove, the propane fuel will not be used.
  • Cooking with an improved wood stove or a propane stove reduces indoor air pollution, improving health.

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