History View

  • As you play the MV Sim, the values of key variables are tracked.
  • You can click on the History tab at the top of the MV Sim map to view your history and graph variables.
  • You can view your game history at any point during play.
  • If you would like to view your game history in a spreadsheet program or with a text editor, you can download a CSV file of the complete history.
  • You can view a single turn by clicking on the Turn number.
    • For example, clicking on Year 1, Season 1/2 will show you each variable's value for that turn.
    • Note that the history tab cannot be used to review past season reports.
    • You can review the most recent season report using the action bar in the map view.


Graphing variables

The history view also includes a list of variables. You can click on any of these variables to graph it with respect to time.


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