Graphing Tool Manual: Layers vs. Graphs


Main Graph Section

  • The Main Graph Section allows you to visualize historical data from the MVSIM in relative scales. It consists of layers that you construct in the Layer Section.
  • When creating a graph, your first task is to create a layer and "push" it to this graph so that you can see it. One of these layers will always be "Primary" which means that it will be easier to see than the other layers and its scale will be visible on the Y-axis. You can switch Primary layers by clicking on a variable in the "Variables in this Graph" box, or by clicking on the layer name in the "Layers" box.


Layer Section

  • The Layer section is your workspace for building layers that can be displayed in the Main Graph above. You can construct layers with any available variable, but it makes sense to use variables whose scales are similar so that variations in the variable value are easier to see.
  • The Layer section is where you add and remove variable data to and from the Main Graph section and set the names of your layers to make your graphs more intelligible.
  • All the available variables are listed under the "Variables" tab.
  • All of your created layers are listed under the "Layers" tab.
  • Your current layer is shown in the the Layer graph on the right with its legend under "Variables in this graph".