Manage Family Food


  • The amount of food that you harvest or purchase during a turn affects the amount of food available for your family on the next turn.
  • To meet subsistence, you must either (1) harvest enough raw food to feed your family and cook this food using fuelwood or propane, or (2) purchase food for your family.
  • If you met subsistence on your last turn, you will not need to manage family food on the next turn.
  • If you did not meet subsistence on your last turn because you did not harvest enough raw food and/or did not have enough fuel to cook what you harvested, you may purchase additional food using your family fund.
  • In this case, you must also decide how to divide up the available calories amongst your family members.

Buy Extra Food

  • You can buy extra food in units of 10 calories. Note that a nutritional "calorie" is equivalent to a physical "kilocalorie."
  • Each 10 calorie packet of extra food costs CFA 180. Food purchases are deducted from the family fund, and you cannot purchase more food than you can afford.
  • The value of the family fund is automatically adjusted when you add or subtract units of extra food by either typing in a different number or using the +/- buttons.

Allocate Daily Calories

  • Under Allocate Daily Calories, you are shown the available daily calories based on your harvest and any extra food you have decided to buy. You are also shown the daily caloric requirements of each family member.
  • You can adjust the calories allocated to each family member by typing new values into the boxes or using the +/- buttons. This will immediately adjust the remaining number of calories to divide up.
  • You should continue to add calories to family members until you have 0 daily calories to divide up.

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