Quick Start: Making Decisions

The MV Sim has tabs to help you organize your decision-making. Each tab has boxes where you can enter your choices. Once you are satisfied with all your choices, click on End turn. The decisions associated with each tab are summarized below, beginning with family actions and followed by village actions.

  • If subsistence was not met in the previous season, decide how to divide food among your individual family members.

  • Decide whether to send individual family members to see a doctor. A doctor visit can improve health.
  • You may adjust the daily hours of labor for each family member. The maximum daily labor for a non-pregnant adult is 12 hours.
  • Once Fatou has attained the age of 20, she can attempt to have a child.


  • Your available family finances include loans from the microfinance bank in addition to your income from productive tasks.
  • You may invest in capital for a small business. Investing in capital will increase your small business returns.
  • You may borrow money from the microfinance bank to invest in capital, or to increase the value of your family fund.



  • You can use the village fund to buy village improvements.
  • Many of the village improvements are costly, so your village may receive an offer of aid to help it acquire an improvement.


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