Village Actions

In the village actions tab, you make decisions that affect the village as a whole. This includes purchasing infrastructure, managing natural resources, and setting a tax rate.

Village improvements

  • Village improvements are important to the economic development of your village. Available improvements include a paved road, power grid, latrines, water pump, irrigation , a clinic, and school meals.
  • You may purchase a village improvement by clicking on the appropriate check box.
  • You must pay for village improvements using the village fund, which can be increased through taxation.
  • If you have sufficient funds to cover the purchase, the improvement will be added when you click end turn.
  • During play, an NGO may offer to subsidize a village improvement. The offer will be announced in the season report, and the reduced price will be displayed in the village improvements tab. The subsidy offer remains in place for the duration of the game, so you may take advantage of the reduced price on any subsequent turn.

Implement natural resources management policy

  • You can set a collection limit on fishing and fuel wood collection to avoid depletion of your village's natural resources
  • If you set a limit after resources are already depleted, there is a chance that stocks will recover.
  • To set a limit, click on the appropriate check box and indicate the maximum number of fish and/or tons of fuel wood each family is allowed to collect on each turn.
  • Note that collection limits can be changed or removed on any subsequent turn.

Implement tax rate

  • To set a tax rate, enter the percentage of income to be taxed.
  • Only non-subsistence income is taxed.


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