Effort and How to use it


When the Simulation begins, the player's family consists of 2 people, a man and a woman. You can view important details about them in the Manage Family Members drop-down within the Family Actions Pane.

Note the numerical boxes under the "Set Daily Effort" column. This is where you can set the number of hours per day each member of your family works.


The sum of all your family's daily effort appears in the Allocate Family Effort drop-down where you can allocate effort to any or all of the following activities:

Note: you CANNOT allocate more hours than your family members are contributing.

If you allocate any hours into farming, you may choose to plant either or Maize or Cotton. Your family has a 1-hectare area of farmland, divided into 4 quarter-hectare plots, in which to plant, cultivate and harvest either of these 2 crops. You may plant crops in any combination, e.g.: 2 Maize 2 Cotton, 0 Maize 4 Cotton, 3 Maize 1 Cotton, etc. Each count here refers to the number of plots growing the particular crop.

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