In the MV Sim, it is important to build both your family's and your village's monetary assets so that technological improvements can be purchased to both safeguard the survival of the village and improve its quality of life.

There are 3 separate funds in the game. Money cannot be moved between any of them directly.

Family Fund

  1. The FF is the amount of cash your family currently holds. You can increase it by selling what you harvest (see Effort and How to Use It), investing in Small Business and selling back persistent items that you have purchased.
  2. The FF is crucial to your survival because it allows you to do the following: purchase Family Improvements, pay for Doctor Visits and purchase food when you do not have enough for subsistence.

Community Pool

  1. The CP is a fund maintained by the Village to help out in times of emergency. The idea is to put aside a certain amount of your surplus so that when droughts, epidemics, etc., hit the community, the community will be in a position to purchase the things it needs to survive.
  2. Contributions to the CP are drawn from your Family Fund.
  3. Similarly, withdrawals are made from the CP to the Family Fund.
  4. Keep in mind that consistency of contribution is key to building the CP into a useful tool.

Village Fund

  1. The VF is a fund created to engage in village-wide development.
  2. Village Improvements can only be purchased with cash from the VF.
  3. The VF can only be increased through taxation from the Implement Policy drop-down in the Village Actions pane.

The following chart shows each fund's relationship to what can be purchased in the game.



As mentioned above, to increase the Village Fund, you must set a tax rate for your family and the village. Taxation occurs on surplus, so you will not be taxed if your family does not meet subsistence.

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