Maternal Mortality

The differences in reproductive health---between the rich and poor, both within and between countries--are larger than in many other areas of helathcare. Maternal mortality takes some 529,000 lives a year. Of those deaths, 68,000 are due to unsafe abortion. Promoting reproductive health includes: family planning, including access to modern contraceptives and informed and voluntary choice of family planning methods; safe motherhood, including antenatal, postnatal, and normal delivery services and emergency obstetric care; postabortion care and access to safe abortion, where permitted by law; a continuum of prevention, treatment, and care for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections; prevention, surveillance, and care for gender-based violence; action against harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation and early and coerced marriage; and information and services for underserved populations, including diverse groups of adolescents, people in emergency situations, and men.

In the MV Sim, mothers die in childbirth 5% of the time in the absence of a clinic. When a clinic is present, they die in childbirth 1% of the time.

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