Approximately 852 million people worldwide cannot obtain enough food to live healthy and productive lives. Hunger has many impacts. It is reflected in high rates of disease and mortality, limited neurological development, and low productivity among current and future generations. It is also a major constraint to a country's ability to develop economically, socially, and politically. Women and children living in developing countries are most vulnerable to the broad and devastating effects of hunger. Hunger, poverty and disease are interlinked, with each contributing to the presence and persistence of the other two.

In the MV Sim, nutrition is determined by the amount of calories consumed, which can come from consuming either fish or maize. Note that if there is insufficient energy for cooking from either fuelwood with a normal three-stone stove, and improved wood stove, or a propane stove, fewer calories will be available from food. If school meals are in place, children will who are attending school will receive calories there also.

For more information on nutrition and poverty, read:
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